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Stokeinteignhead Village Hall presents Old Herbaceous, on Saturday 25th September at 7pm.

Stokeinteignhead Village Hall presents the national theatre production company, Kick in the Head’s production of Old Herbaceous, on Saturday 25th September at 7pm.

Tickets are £10 and can be bought from Stoke Village Shop or via Judy Bowden at or 07845 613855.
Bar will be open, plus teas, coffees and ice-creams.
Don’t miss this beautiful and amazing play: you don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy it!

Review from Edinburgh Fringe

“What exactly was the factor that kept the audience riveted to Giles Shenton’s performance? 

It’s a simple story: old Herbert Pinnegar has spent his life as a gardener at ‘the big house’ shares his memories with us.  His interest in flowers and plants was aroused with the help and encouragement of the village schoolmistress.  He won first prize in the village fair’s wild flower competition, and when “My Lady” presented him with the prize and whispered to him that he won because he had carefully cut the flowers, not simply yanked them out of the ground as others had: thus began his lifelong devotion to plants, and to her.  All the village boys were destined to work on the land, but Herbert refused: fortunately he was taken on as an apprentice by Captain and Mrs. Charteris at the Big House. We hear of Herbert’s first day at work and his gradual rise up the ranks within the garden until eventually he becomes head gardener, addressed as “Mr Pinnegar”


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