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In the Saddle

“No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle” — Winston Churchill

Hello and Welcome to Stokeinteignhead’s very own Horsey Website!

I hope that horses, ponies and their two legged friends will enjoy this page. We will be able to share news, stories, helpful advice and lots of horsey fun! Please feel free to send in pictures and your news. We’d love to hear from you, we all like to know what’s going on in the equine corners of Stokeinteignhead and its surrounds.

Well that’s it then, thermals at the ready! There’s a little nip in the air. I went out riding this morning and froze my chin and wondered if I was going to get frost bite on my toes. Note to self, “wear double socks and a snood tomorrow.” Still, it’s been fab seeing the sunshine and enjoying the view from my saddle as I looked towards the moor, with it’s little dustings of snow in the distance. We are so very fortunate to be able to ride in such fabulous countryside.

Just a quick note about going out on hacks . . There is a great App called What3words. Download it and it could save your life. It enables the emergency services to locate you exactly in the bridlepath/field etc., you’ve had an accident. Police are urging everyone to download it.

It’s been a tricky year for everyone, but now we are able to look forward to the fun and excitement of Christmas. I’m feeling a little festive already and wondering what Santa is going to bring the handsome horse in my life. Lots of little treats and maybe a snuggly new rug. I notice that there are some lovely mini salt licks available in various flavours including mint and garlic, or perhaps he’d like some botanical shampoos and shine oils, for when the weather warms up a little. horslyx/

Have a safe and Happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing lots of pictures of you and your four legged friends enjoying the Seasonal Cheer!

Send your stories, etc, to:

. . . And remember, don’t fall off, just dismount with style!

Eve x


Eve’s New Home

Eve Mockford, Editor

Although she is now an ‘old dear’, Eve got the riding bug at the age of 4, when visiting her Cousins’ Dairy Farm in Ireland. Tom was the old farm horse and she and her cousin Jim would ride tandem and set off each day across the fields to check on the cows. After many years of begging and quite frankly behaving like a spoilt brat, Eve got her first pony at the grand old age of 10. He was a 12.2hh Welsh Mountain pony, rising 4 and unbroken! The first few months were spent landing on the ground, often ‘Rebel’ would come home from a hack well before the mud sodden little girl.

A teenage life spent flying over jumps at home and at shows on ponies, then horses. When that wasn’t happening, it was long hacks on the marshes of East Kent or riding to hounds. Next, marriage and children and . . . shock horror gasp . . . no horses!

Hector got her back in the saddle, then a few years later, Sunny for her daughter Alice – aged 10 (!). Many happy years were spent, hacking round the Littlehempston and Ipplepen area on horse and pony. No better way for a mother and daughter to spend time together. Then Alice grew up and Eve with her husband Mike, moved to Stokeinteignhead. Sadly, after only a couple of years in their new home and after 17 years of a wonderful horsey partnership, Hector went to Heaven. Eve vowed never to go through that awful heartbreak again. There followed 10 years without a horse.

Fast forward to 2020 and enter Boycie, a 7 year old Off the Track Racehorse. Boycie has now become Eve’s personal fitness trainer and is such a gorgeous boy and so much fun. They are enjoying lovely hacks out with riding buddies Sara Moss and Cathy Payne, plus weekly training sessions with Eve’s friend Charlotte Coker Brown. Great fun!

Special Feature

Furry Ponies, Lockdown and Lots of Fun!

Charlotte Coker-Brown

I’m Charlotte and I run Coker-Brown School of Riding. 
We are a small, licensed riding school with 10 ponies. We specialise in teaching children and we also offer lessons to adults (with a weight limit of 10.5stone).
We are a Pony Club Centre, so PC members can work towards and achieve badges, in all different aspects of pony care.
The yard is at its best when it is filled with the sound of happy children. I strive to create good old fashioned fun; ponies, laughter, hard work and of course, mud!
This year has been very challenging indeed, as I know it has been for many people. We have had to stop lessons during both lockdowns, whilst keeping the ponies in good health with feed, bedding, farrier visits, dentist visits and veterinary treatment. We have had to adapt to the COVID-19 safety measures, which, for the time being means limited access for our stable management side, but the riding lessons are now able to continue.
Thankfully I have the support of my family who have been extremely encouraging and our very loyal clients.
If you would like any more information, please get in touch.

During November, we have been busy clipping the ponies. This is important because they have such thick, winter coats, that when they work, they get very hot and sweaty and it takes a long time for them to dry off. We may wish to wrap up warm in the winter, but the ponies dislike being too warm. 
Next month I will give some training tips….

Charlotte Coker-Brown
Coker-Brown School of Riding Ltd
Tel: 07967 472097
Riding School Licence no. 18/01771/ANIWEL

Horse and Hound

Back home and time for treats all round

Send your stories, pictures, etc., to:


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