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Fred Cornes’ Poems

Fred explains about his Coronavirus poem…

I’m missing some explanations, and maybe the order is not right. Let me know what you think..


It was written really, as the story shows that a grid was put across the main road to stop the water flow, or to cut it down, and then, in actual fact, the grid did not go right across the road and as the water was running down the right-hand side of the road anyway, most of it would miss the sieve plus the fact the sieve would easily block up with debris being brought down by the water so this is my comment on the work been done to save us from flooding on Deane Road.

There is a story behind the next two poems which might be of interest.

In 1997 we joined our long term friends Maurice and Joan Warwick for a holiday at Duloe. They had recently joined the Bond and realising how good it was suggested we might be interested also. This was the year of the  Hale-Bopp Comet which we were able to watch from the garden of Cll, the property we are presently staying in. We had a great time at Duloe and applied to join the Bond whilst we were there. Shortly afterwards we were interviewed at home in Devon by a Bond representative and quickly became members.

We have happily enrolled other friends over the years since, who have all enjoyed the Bond experience.

One couple of friends, Jim and Vera Barwick, who we first met in the North East in 1968 are actually staying with us in Duloe this week so were able to share the Champagne with us. It was made even more special as it has been 3 long years since we have been able to share a holiday together because of Covid and health issues.

Jim and Vera joined the Bond after holidaying with us at St Brides in 1999 and have thoroughly enjoyed their many visits to Bond locations since.

Wendy and I have loved being Bond members because of the interesting range of high quality destinations and properties that are always spotlessly clean and well equipped. When coupled with excellent and caring site and office staff it makes The Bond stand head and shoulders above the competition.

We are also impressed by the fact that The Bond is always on the look out for new destinations to whet our appetites and underwrite our investments.

Keep up the good work.

Stoke folk

This was written firstly, because when the pandemic was an outdoor support, we were told we had to stay indoors. I was really upset actually and And firstly worried and annoyed and then realised how lucky we were living in such a lovely village and I’m so lucky compared to a lot of other people living in in the cities and in the high-rise accommodation, and just wanted to express my feeling of gratitude to people who are volunteers from the shop, bringing us our shopping in the morning and just the lovely feeling of being in the countryside and so much activity positive activity going on around us.

I was asked if I would write one about the telephone box which have been newly refurbished and I was delighted to do so

Hospital staff.

I wrote this poem, have to have an operation to remove the cyst from my side which would become infected and I was so impressed with the way I was looked after in the hospital. Nothing was bad and they were extremely kind to me as it was the first time I’ve ever had an operation in my life. I wrote this poem for the Torbay SRU