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Summer Show

 Picture designed by Penelope Clarke of Stokeinteignhead Primary School 


Stokeinteignhead Village Hall 

Saturday 16 July 2.00pm until 4.30pm 

Summer Show 2022 

Flowers, Vegetables, Produce, 

Arts & Crafts 

Regulations for Exhibitors 

1. Adult exhibitors must reside, work or be a member of a club in Stokeinteignhead, Combeinteignhead, Haccombe or Maidencombe Parishes. Entries for the children’s classes will also be accepted from children living outside the parish who have relatives living in the parish and from children who attend Stokeinteignhead School. 

2. Entry Fee of 25p per exhibit, five entries for £1.00 for adults. 

Entries to Children’s classes are free. 

3. An entry form must be completed and handed in with fees by no later than 5.00pm on Thursday 14th July 2022 to: 

Stokeinteignhead Community Shop 

Entry forms can be obtained from the Shop or downloaded from the Stokeinteignhead Village website: 

4. One entry per exhibitor per class. Unrestricted entries for children. 

5. Exhibits in all classes must be the work of the exhibitor. 

6. Exhibitors in the flower and floral art sections must provide their own containers. 

7. All preserve labels should state type and date made. 

8. The Committee will take every possible care of exhibits, but do not hold themselves responsible for any breakages or damage. 

9. The Judge’s decision will be final in all cases. 

10. Entries to be staged on Saturday 16th July 2022 between 8.30am and 11.30am. 

Judging will take place at 12.00 noon. 

Awards will be presented at 4.00pm. 

Exhibits to be cleared by 5.00pm. 

If you have any enquiries, please contact one of the following: 

Judy Bowden 01626-873761 

Barbara Fearn 01626-873518 

Liz Kent 

Paul Nash 

Hints and Tips for displaying your exhibits can be found at the end of this Schedule. 

Awards Schedule 

Show trophies will be awarded to those exhibitors with the most points 

in Sections A, B, C, D and E (not including Heaviest, Largest, Longest) with a separate trophy/certificate for the winner of the Children’s Classes, Photography Class, Family Class and Arts and Crafts. 

Points awarded in each class will be: 

1st place = 4 points; 2nd place = 2 points: 3rd place = 1 point. 

Children aged 16 years and under will be awarded one point for each children’s class that they enter. 

Trophies to be awarded 

Flowers Gardening Club Cup 

Fruit and Vegetables Village Community Shop Cup 

Floral Art Wild Goose Cup 

Homemade Bakes and Preserves Old Bakery Cup 

Homemade Drinks Church House Inn Cup 

Best Onions in Show (not inc cat 43) The French Cup 

Most Points in Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables RHS Banksian Medal 

Best Exhibit in Flowers/Fruit/Vegetables The Orestone Cup 

Overall Show Winner The Village Hall Cup 

Special Achievement Orrell Cup 

Children under 7 years Stokeinteignhead Primary School 


Children 7 – 11 years Shoe Zoo Trophy 

Children 12 – 16 years Summer Show Trophy 

Photography Section Summer Show Trophy 

Arts and Crafts Summer Show Trophy 


Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables Philip Baker 

Floral Art Karen Reynolds 

Homemade Bakes and Preserves Sheila Ashford 

Homemade Drinks Peter Baker 

Children’s Section (categories) Dot Simmons (75, 79, 82) 

Nia Pearson (74, 76, 77, 78, 80, 


Photography Section Mary Pearson 

Arts & Crafts and Family Class Susan Horton, Nia Pearson & 

Dot Simmons 

Section A – Flowers: Own vases to be used 

1. Dahlias 3 blooms decorative variety or varieties 

2. Dahlia 1 specimen bloom 

3. Rose 1 vase of any 3 blooms – large flower 

4. Rose 1 specimen bloom 

5. Rose Cluster flower 1 vase 3 stems (1 or more varieties) 

6. Sweet Peas 6 stems – any varieties 

7. Gladiolus 1 specimen spike 

8. Pelargoniums 1 plant in a pot (ivy leaf, zonal or regal varieties) 

9. Vase of mixed garden flowers not from the list above 

10. House plant In a pot not exceeding 20cm (8inches) diameter 

11. Fuchsias 4 Heads on a board with stems in water (Double Flower) 

12. Fuchsias 4 Heads on a board with stems in water (Single Flower) 

13. Pansies 5 Blooms shown on a plate or board. Stems in water 

14. Vase containing 3 of any one type of flower not from the list above 

15. Hanging Basket Self-planted and will be hung up outside the Village Hall 

Section B – Fruit and Vegetables 

16. French Beans 6 pods 

17. Runner Beans 6 pods 

18. Onions 5 (must all be the same size, all large or all small) 

19. Garlic 3 bulbs 

20. Potatoes White, 5 any shape on a dish or plate 

21. Potatoes Coloured, 5 any shape on a dish or plate 

22. Beetroot 3 of any one variety 

23. Courgettes 3 of any one variety (10 – 15cms in length) 

24. Tomatoes 5 ordinary cultivars 

25. Tomatoes 5 small fruited 

26. Carrots 3 of any one variety 

27. Cucumbers 2 of any one variety 

28. Chilli Peppers 3 of any one variety on a dish or plate 

29. Peas 5 pods on a dish or plate 

30. Summer Squash 1 specimen 

31. Brassicas 1 specimen (Cauliflower, Cabbage etc.) 

32. Lettuce 2 of any one variety 

Section B – Fruit and Vegetables continued 

33. Any vegetable not listed above. 

(3 small specimens on a dish or plate; or 1 large specimen) 

34. Herbs. 3 stems of one variety displayed in water 

35. Vase of Culinary Herbs 4 kinds, 1 stem of each variety 

36. Raspberries 10 fruits displayed on a plate 

37. Blueberries 6 fruits to be displayed on a plate. 

38. Berries – any variety not from above. 6 fruits displayed on a plate. 

39. Currants Any colour displayed on a plate. 

40. A plate of fruit 5 fruit of any kind not listed above. 

41. Display of vegetables. 4 types of vegetable, 2 specimens of each variety. Space limited to 60cm x 60cm. 

Just for Fun – Heaviest, Largest, Longest 

Entries in this section will not contribute to the overall points score; however, a prize will be awarded for the best exhibit in each category. 

42. Heaviest Potato 

43. Heaviest Onion 

44. Largest Marrow 

45. Longest Runner Bean 

46. Largest Flower Head – displayed in a vase 

47. Funniest Looking Vegetable. 

Section C – Floral Art 

An exhibit is composed of natural plant material with or without accessories contained within a specified space. No artificial plant material to be used unless otherwise stated. 

48. Miniature: A miniature arrangement using fresh/dried plant material. The overall exhibit must not exceed 10cms wide, 10cms deep and 10cms high. No accessories to be used. 

49. Golden Summer: using fresh plant material only. The whole exhibit must not exceed 25cm wide, 25cm deep with height optional. Accessories allowed. 

50. A Right Royal Event: displayed in any container of your choice using fresh/dried plant material. The exhibit must not exceed 45cms in width and depth. Height optional. Accessories may be used. 

51. Green is the Word: displayed in a recycled container. A foliage only arrangement using fresh and/or dried material. This exhibit must not exceed 45cm in width and depth. Height optional. No accessories allowed. 

Section D – Homemade Bakes and Preserves 

52. Victoria Sandwich (using the creamed method). 

6oz all ingredients and 3 eggs, with raspberry jam filling. 

53. Technical Challenge Vegetable Pasty – using recipe below. 

54. Savoury Flan 7-inch dish. 

55. Fruit Pie 7-inch dish (filling must be encased within a pastry base and top

56. Bread 1 loaf 

57. Bread 6 rolls 

58. Scones Own choice. 3 of one type on a plate. 

59. Decorated Novelty Cake Any shape and size 

60. Gluten Free Cake Own recipe 

61. Jam Own choice – made from fresh fruit. At least 12oz jar – not exceeding 1lb. 

62. Marmalade Own choice – made from fresh fruit. At least 12oz jar – not exceeding 1lb. 

63. Jar of Jelly Any size. Can be savoury or sweet, with a label stating which flavour. 

64. Chutney Own choice. At least 12oz jar – not exceeding 1lb. 

65. Jar of Local Honey Any size and variety. 

66. Eggs 6 Hen eggs displayed in a box. 

67. Eggs 6 Duck eggs displayed on a plate or basket. 

Technical Challenge Recipe (category 53) 

Vegetable Pasty – Devon Style – Makes 4 (display best two) 


350g Shortcrust Pastry – MUST be homemade 

225g potatoes 

1 onion 

225g mixed vegetables, eg. carrots, peas, swede etc 

Salt and pepper 

Beaten egg to glaze 


1. Make shortcrust pastry and chill in the fridge for around half an hour. 

2. Preheat oven to 200oC, 400oF, gas mark 6. Line a baking tray with baking paper. 

3. Peel and prepare all the vegetables, cutting the root vegetables into small cubes. 

4. Put the vegetables into water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 10 minutes, then drain well. Season with salt and pepper as desired. 

5. Turn the pastry onto a floured work surface and divide it into four portions. 

6. Roll out each individual portion into a circle, about 20cm across and about half a centimetre thick. 

7. Divide the vegetables across the centre of the pastry rounds, dampen the edges and draw the edges of the pastry together to form a seam across the top; crimp together with your fingers to give a fluted edge. 

8. Transfer pasties to the lined baking tray, brush with beaten egg to glaze and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 200oC, 400oF, gas mark 6, then reduce the heat to 190oC, 350oF, gas mark 4 and bake for a further 45 minutes until they are golden brown. 

Section E – Homemade Drinks 68. A Bottle of Wine, any colour. 69. Cider. 70. Homemade beer. Displayed in a bottle. 71. Any other alcoholic drink not listed above. A label should state the content. 72. Fruit or Flower Cordial 73. Non-alcoholic Sparkling Drink 

Section F – Children’s – 16 years and under 

74. Take a photo of a favourite pet (your own, your family or a friend’s pet) 

Age groups: (a) under 7 years; (b) 7-11 years; (c) 12-16 years 

75. A painted pebble 

Age groups: (a) under 7 years; (b) 7-11 years; (c) 12-16 years 

76. 3 Butterfly cakes – any flavour 

Age groups: (a) under 7 years; (b) 7-11 years; (c) 12-16 years 

77. Make a flower out of recycled materials 

Age groups: (a) under 7 years; (b) 7-11 years; (c) 12-16 years 

78. 3 pom poms: red, white & blue – any size 

Age group: under 7 years 

79. A picture in any medium (not computerised): Teddy Bear’s Picnic 

Age group: under 7 years 

80. 5 Bunting flags: linked together and made from any recycled fabric 

Age group: (a) 7-11 years; (b) 12-16 years 

81: A Lego Beach Hut: A5 size (14.8×21.0cm) 

Age group: (a) 7-11 years; (b) 12-16 years 

82. A picture in any medium (not computerised): BBQ Scene 

Age group: (a) 7-11 years; (b) 12-16 years 

Section G – Photography 

Each photograph (colour or black and white) must be un-mounted; no larger than A5 (148mm x 210mm) size; not digitally enhanced and will be displayed on a large screen held in place by pins. 

This year’s themes are: 

83. Weather 

84. A Tree 

85. A Single Bloom 

86. Red, White & Blue 

Section H – Family Class 

87. A Bug Hotel: in any container, approximately 30cm x 30cm. 

Section I – Arts and Crafts all items must have been made within the previous 12 months 

88. A painting in any medium: Seaside theme 

89. Handmade knitted or crocheted Scarf or Shawl 

90. Handmade knitted or crocheted item no larger than 20cm x 20cm 

91. An item made from a recycled T-shirt 

92. Embroidery/Tapestry: any size or subject 

93. Make a wooden bird box for a Robin 

Please remember to make a separate note of the entries you are exhibiting for your own records

Hints and Tips on presenting your exhibits 

This is not an exhaustive list, but a few tips which may help when presenting your exhibits. It is difficult to always present entries that are perfect, but don’t be put off as we are all “in the same boat”. 

French/Runner Beans: Fresh pods, straight and same length – leaving a portion of the stalk on each. 

Onions/Garlic: Uniform well ripened bulbs; avoid over skinning; wash roots and trim, leaving some on. Leave 7cms of stalk and bend over and tie or whip. 

Potatoes: Same size – free from skin blemishes – wash gently. 

Courgettes: Young tender shapely and uniform. Can be displayed with or without flowers on. 

Tomatoes: Aim for uniform firm set of fruit with small eyes and firm fresh calyces (the small leaf like bit where the stalk joins the fruit). 

Carrots: Straight uniform size, washed carefully – leaving on approx. 6–7cms of stalk. 

Beetroot: Pick roots of even size, 6 – 8cms across, leaving on the tap root and approx. 7cms of stalk. 

Marrow: Tender fruit around 30cms in length if possible 

Cabbage: Solid head with no damage, remove only a minimum of outer discoloured leaves. Leaving approx. 7cm of stalk attached. 

Fruit: Always leave stalks on. 

Dahlias Roses: If one specimen bloom is required do not leave any buds on the stem, as these are also counted as blooms. 

Jam/Marmalade & Jelly: 

Jars should be clean and well filled to about 3mm from the top. 

Covers wax circle with cellophane outer cover or twist top, which should be plain – not a commercial lid when showing. 

Colour should be even, bright and characteristic of fruit used – no scum, mould, sugar crystals or foreign bodies. 

Fruit should be evenly distributed and tender. 

Consistency should be jellified, not runny or sticky. 

Flavour should be full, fresh and characteristic of the fruit used 

Pickles & Chutney: 

Jars should be clean and filled to about ½ inch (12mm) from the top and labelled with contents and date of making. 

Tops of jars must be vinegar resistant. 

Chutney should be bright in colour and smooth consistency – well blended with no pieces of onions, skins etc.