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Cars obstructing entrance to Church Lane

Church Lane now has a sign secured to a stone wall at its entrance, asking people not to park on that corner (because it causes obstructions to residents, bin collection and works’ vehicles) and because there is a grate which needs to be kept clear in case of flash flooding. In spite of this, some cars are continuing to park there. I have taken a photo of a car today, reg WF62 OCG, which has all but squashed the red cone placed on top of the grate to keep it clear. If anyone knows whose car this is, would you please have a word with them and explain why they should not park there? Thank you.

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  • Further to the comments regarding parking in the village, I believe the Parish Council spent a considerable sum erecting a new notice board next to the War Memorial. On several occasions it has been impossible to get to the notice board because of a large black SUV type vehicle which parks directly in front of, and very close to said board. It is obviously owned by someone living in the vicinity.

    What is the point of a notice board which can’t be easily seen? Hopefully the owner of the vehicle in question may see this comment and arrange to park elsewhere.

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