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Cook Book Page

edited and supplied by Helen Marks

Luscombe Farm shop, our very own vegetable supplier, open on Saturday mornings from 8.30am – 12.30, have some new produce to boast about. As well as having some super fresh vegtables straight off our surrounding Stokeinteignhead fields, they now stock a new supply of mushrooms for sale: Shiitake, pink oysters, yellow oyster, king oyster. Yes mushrooms, not oysters!

Get there early to be in with a chance of grabbing these beauties and “the world’s your oyster!” Ha – get it??

It’s almost such a shame to chop these beauties up, but what a tasty treat they make to warm up a dull dreary winter’s day.

Lovely, sliced and fried in butter with some french crusty bread or you can try your hand with making a risotto or mushroom penne pasta.

I made a mushroom stroganoff with mine and if you want the recipe, please go ahead and use.

Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe

Serves 2 (double up to serve 4)


olive oil for frying

1 yellow onion

2 cloves of garlic

250gm mushrooms mixed

100ml white wine

pinch salt & black pepper

100ml creme fraise OR be naughty 100ml single cream

chopped parsley or chives to serve or

(anything you have to hand in your herb garden)


  1. Heat the oil in a frying pan

2. Add the chopped onion and garlic, cook for 5 mins

3. Add the chopped mushrooms and fry for further 5 mins

4. Stir in pepper & salt to taste

5. Pour over the white wine and when nearly evaporated down, turn down the heat

6. Add the creme fraise or cream, warm through, stir and finally sprinkle with your chosen herbs.

Mushroom Stroganoff, serve with rice, pasta or french bread. Enjoy